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Aya's Cooking Class & Private Party offerings 

Are you ready for a culinary adventure? Whether it's a private cooking class with friends for someone's birthday, a team-building event with colleagues, or an intimate private dining experience, I got you covered!


 What Awaits You?


Expect a blast of fun! My cooking classes are not just about mastering recipes; they're a lively blend of fun and learning. I will share many cooking secrets & tips you can't learn by simply reading cookbooks, all while enjoying a fantastic time with your loved ones.

Private Dining


Allow me to share my private dining experiences with you! Relish authentic Japanese meals made from seasonal ingredients, straight from my childhood kitchen. It's like bringing a piece of Japan to your table!

Get in Touch!


Fill out the form below for more info. I will reach out ASAP to discuss how she can make your occasion extra special with a personalized touch.  I am here to sprinkle a bit of culinary magic into your events!  



Food always brings people together.  


Happy cooking,





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