Aya's Tasty AF Hot Chili Oil was first created in her kitchen where Aya spends most of her time.  She made a small batch and started sharing it with people who took her cooking classes, fellow local chefs, and foodie friends, and the rest is history!  Through the magic of word of mouth, Aya's chili oil has become everyone's favorite pantry staple.   

  *Gluten-free, plant-based, nut-free, no added sugar.           
  *Flavorful and not too spicy.     
  *Small batch with quality ingredients. 
  *All natural.
  *Artisanal product from Connecticut.      
  *Woman owned small business.

Enjoy this delicious chili oil on eggs,  avocado toast, pasta, pizza, noodles, sandwiches, soup, dumplings, burgers, tacos, seafood, chicken, steak, and more!  >>click here for menu ideas!